This is one of the most common ways to print apparel. It's our go-to method for printing on any order of 10 or more items receiving the same print. We use state of the art Workhorse automatic print presses as well as Riley Hopkins manual presses, so whether your order is large or small, we've got the skills and equipment to print your perfect custom t-shirts with exceptional quality!

Each color of your custom art, logo, or idea is transferred onto its own silk mesh screen and then setup to align perfectly to each other on our print presses.

We then carefully place the t-shirt, hoody, or whatever style garment you chose on the platen of the print press. As it cycles around, each color is pressed through the screen, which then acts like a stencil for paint, onto your shirt.


After we send the shirts through a dryer they are ready to wear and enjoy!


In the video above, we are printing the red portion of the graphic for this design in a custom pantone matched color. With a wide assortment of shirt styles, standard 

colors, and the ability to custom match colors, we can make your t-shirt design dream into a reality. Click the links below to learn more about our bulk order process!

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