Direct to garment printing

What is direct to garment printing? DTG printing is a newer form of printing apparel in which the shirt is loaded into a special inkjet style printer. The printer uses inks that are formulated for apparel. It prints using similar technology to a regular inkjet printer you have at your home or office by mixing cyan, magenta, yellow, and black inks to produce a full range of photographic colors. We have a state of the art Epson DTG printer in house that also has white ink capability so you can literally put a picture of anything onto any 

We prepare  your picture for DTG printing by making sure its sized appropriately and in RBG format.


Once the art is prepped we pre-treat the t-shirts using a special solution that allows the ink to print at the highest possible quality on the fabric. After pre-treatment the shirt is dryed and is ready to go on the printer.

The shirt is then loaded onto the printer and printed using inkjet technology for an ultra soft and smooth feeling print.


In the video above we're printing on a black t-shirt which requires some white to be printed first. After two layers of white are printed the color parts of the image is added.

With DTG printing you can add any photograph to any color shirt! The higher quality your photo is the better the print will look in the end. Ask us for more information!


A print like the shirt in this example averages $25.00 per shirt for 1-3 printed. With more shirts the pricing can come down some.  Ink usage is also a factor and it can raise or lower the price per shirt. We can print just about anything! Ask us for more information!

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